Menu Planner: this is what I've been looking for. It will speed up the weekly meal planning by about a million!

Home Made by Carmona: Menu Planner. This is a great meal planner idea. I'm planning to include a meal planner of some sort when I make planning binder.

Packing list. Technically part of a Europe packing list, but this part is perfect for a beach vacation!

Ask Amanda: Packing for Europe

love this packing list for a beach vacay. I want these clothes. Then a beach vacation to wear them on!

Try @ for home first.

Outfit Posts: (summary) one suitcase: business casual capsule wardrobe - 14 pieces, 30 outfits!

Yoga For Headaches

Corpse Pose

Yoga Sequence to Relieve Tension Headaches: When you're suffering from a dull, tension headache, try these yoga poses before reaching for medication.