idea for old jeans

Wouldn't this be a fun prom dress idea just layer with lots of toule--Chloé jean skirt.---forget cut off shorts, way to upcycle torn jeans! Way cute

recycle your jeans to make a fast skirt

Recycle jeans and make a skirt. Would be great if jeans rip. different fabric for sure

I like this idea!!

Belle Époque Lavande bohemian jean skirt lilac purple lavender wisteria ruffled silk ultra femme bohemian beach wedding mermaid by bohemienneivy on Etsy

Old jeans pillow. Good idea!

Old jeans pillow. Especially love that you can use the pockets. (one side jean pockets and one side decorative fabric)

DIY wall organizer made of old denim jeans - love this idea!

These 12 denim DIY home decor ideas for up cycling jeans. these make me want to re-do my whole world (forever) in blue jeans! Idea - Stitch, hot-glue, or stitch-witch jean pockets to a rectangular piece of denim and hang it from a dowel over your desk.

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Cool Ideas for Old Jeans

20 Interesting DIY Fashion Ideas

blue jeans idea

Denim Surgery - reuse repair recycle revamp redesign recent Great for a advent calendar or various size pockets for stockings & delicates , organizing

Long Linen Dress in Grey

Long Linen Dress in Grey by KnockKnockLinen on Etsy. Could this dress be any more perfect?

Love the layers

I want this entire outfit! Thick ecru linen breasted jacket Kimo with havana linen trousers. Long linen pendant necklace with ethnic beads from Africa on leather cord

Love the colors Flickr

reversing the direction of the triangles in the rows gives the feeling of movement - paying attention to the placement of light and dark pieces