DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Want Plants In Your Home But Don't Know Where To Put Them? These DIY Macrame Plant Hangers Are The Perfect Solution

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger - my son’s girlfriend made me one of these and I absolutely love it! They take up less space so I can have more plants!

Ideas para aprovechar al máximo las esquinas de los ambientes y hacer que tus espacios parezcan más amplios. Descubre más ideas en La Bioguía

Cómo aprovechar las esquinas con estos diseños para espacios pequeños

Ideas para Decorar un Jardín Vertical by artesydisenos.blogspot. com

There are huge number of projects, which you can complete with pallet woods to make home beautiful. In these pallet wood designs and furniture, the pallet shoe

Jardín vertical con un palé - - DIY Pallet Garden

Jardín vertical con un palé

Create a colorful upcycled rainbow pallet flower garden planter project with simple instructions from Hello Creative Family.

Plantas de interior: Ficus lyrata (o Ficus pandurata) 3

Plantas de interior: Ficus lyrata (o Ficus pandurata)

The fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is an increasingly popular house plant, but many people are intimidated by the particular nature of the tree. Never fear! We’re here to help keep your fiddle leaf fig green and thriving.

La sansevieria --también conocida como espadas de San Jorge o lenguas de tigre-- es una bonita planta, la cual desconocíamos totalmente hasta que...

Espada de San Jorge, una planta de interior idónea para decorar

Snake plant (Sanseviera) aka mother in laws tongue. This plant can handle very low light levels, such as bathrooms without windows and dim inside corners.