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Currently obsessed with double dutch braids! Use a cream wax for soft texture and to keep hair looking smooth in braids (Minutes Hairstyles Easy Hair)

Esta flor tuvo una gran carga simbólica en el Antiguo Egipto, la India y China –y lo continúa teniendo–. Entre sus principales significados, se destacan la pureza y la resurrección.

7 delicados tatuajes para la espalda y sus significados

Back tattoo /// Lotus flower /// "Another back lotus, this time on and just as beautiful. (by Make your own with henna.

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20 fáciles juegos que mantendrán entretenido a tu hijo un buen rato

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Weekly Inspiration 14

Want A vintage Nikon camera like this one, so bad. Would be amazing accessorie and a great way to capture memories this summer.

red-r0ses: “ “ rosy&luxe blog, need new blogs to follow https://instagram.com/sandratalundzich/ ” ” Instagram/Tumblr girl hair tutorial

I literally have no idea how to really use more than powder foundation and mascara, but I love how fancy makeup looks, but I do plan on learning how to use it!

Hermanos.   Fotografia de familias Madrid www.monicareverte.com

Hermanos. Fotografia de familias Madrid www.monicareverte.com

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