Prenda con camiseta reciclada - - DIY Beaded Cut Out T-Shirt

Original prenda con camiseta reciclada

Edge up the basic tee with this simple DIY Cut Out neckline I designed with cylinder beads DIY tutorial below: (Diy Ropa Tutorials)



Tutorial DIY: Cómo bordar hojas diferentes en un jersey - Bordado y costura en

Tutoriales DIY: Cómo bordar diferentes hojas en un jersey vía

Point de rose froncé

Point de rose accordeon: there are a few more flowers on this page and video links that show how to make them.

(1) Anna Scott : Blanket stitch leaves - part one | Embroidery

миленькие мелочи своими руками

Primeros pasos de bordados

Broderie Lazy daisy stitch – used to create a flower Pull needle though to front at Make a loop and insert again right next to Come out again at 2 holding the thread under the needle as you pull tight. Insert the needle at 3 and move onto the next petal.

I don't know what "fabric" is being used here, but my eyes aren't good enough to create this stunning work - especially without a pattern to follow.

Thin mesh and wire? Stiched/embroidered with sequins and beads? Very delicate and intricate like a dragonfly wing

Lentejuelas como bordar.

Sew the sequin cloth or sequin paillettes decorate clothes and shoes! Debate About LiveInternet - Daily RUSSIAN Service