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the spanish language is used to describe what people are doing and how they can use it
Determinantes demostrativos interactive worksheet
a yellow and purple poster with words in spanish, english and french on the front
the spanish language poster shows different types of items that are used to describe what they are
Adjetivos Demonstrativos
Los Adjetivos Demostrativos en español
the spanish language is used to describe different things
Contraste de marcadores temporales de pretérito perfecto, imperfecto e indefinido
an instruction manual on how to use the kitchen sink and dishwasher for cooking
ejercicios formas del pret. perf.
a page from the spanish language textbook with an image of a man pointing at something
Diario de Miguel (pretérito perfecto)
the spanish version of tocava no, with instructions and pictures for each language
Ya / todavía no: actividad para practicar el pretérito perfecto
Una actividad para repasar el pretérito perfecto compuesto e introducir las palabras «ya», «todavía» y «aún». Clases de ELE, clase de español para principiantes, nivel A2. Detalles de la actividad y descarga en pdf en la web.
the words in spanish and english are shown on this page, which is also used to describe
Pretérito perfecto e imperfecto. worksheet
Ejercicio de Pretérito perfecto e imperfecto.
the spanish language worksheet for children with pictures and words to describe what they are
Gramatica del uso del espanol
Gramatica del uso del espanol
a poster with spanish words and pictures on it
Adán y Eva - Génesis 2. Dios me hizo - Trueway Kids
an image of a cartoon scene with people in the park and cars parked on the street
City Park - What's Wrong?
blog 30 x 30: City Park - What's Wrong?
an image of the spanish language and its corresponding words in different languages on a blue background
the spanish poster shows different types of objects
Posesivos en español: determinantes y pronombres
Tablero para practicar los pronombres y determinantes posesivos en español de forma lúdica. Útil para clases presenciales y online, español para principiantes, clases de español a niños. Tablero e instrucciones en pdf para descargar. #ele #spanishclass