Martina as the Disney princesses

Tini looks amazing even like princess(Elsa, Ariel,Ranpuzel and Ana)

El fenómeno 'Violetta' llega a España con su gira. Martina Stoessel, de 16 años, es la nueva estrella musical adolescente gracias a esta serie...

'Violetta' visita España

TINI By Martina Stoessel Clothing Line ❤️

Vanity Fair: Martina o TiniByMS, rodzinie oraz karierze!

Martina Stoessel

you can send me THERE where you can leave your wishes what you want GIFS (number series and season) Send me two characters/houses/places/anything and I’ll tell you through a gifset which one I prefer!

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Violetta Live Tsum Tsum Martina Stoessel Disney v Polsku pamätám.