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Grammar Worksheet Packet - Compound Words, Contractions, Synonyms and more!

Compound Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Contractions, Homophones and so much more!This is a huge packet covering compound words, synonyms, antonyms, contractions, homophones, articles and prepositions. A huge 50 worksheets are included which are designed to ensure your students are engaged and excited a...

Christmas around the world

Reading comprehension exercise. Christmas traditions all over the world are explained here. Then, students will have to answer some questions to check their understanding. - ESL worksheets

Opinion Writing!

This resource is a must-have for teaching Opinion/Persuasive Writing. It is no prep, so you can simply print and go! This is a year's worth of worksheets that includes student friendly and also seasonal topics (so that students can have fun writing opinion pieces throughout the school year, e.g. Ea...

Christmas Facts & History

This worksheet gives very brief facts about Christmas. It has questions and true & false comprehension exercises. I will be using it on the last day of the term. I hope you all find it useful. - ESL worksheets

What are they doing?

Worksheet. Present continuous. - ESL worksheets

Was or were

An elementary worksheet on the Past Simple of the verb "to be" with three tasks: blank filling, multiple choice and sentence transformation. - ESL worksheets


Practice on modal verbs used in the passive form. Then a listening activity about how cans are made. Keys, audio file link and QR code included.More about inventions here: https://en.islcollective.com/mypage/my-creations?search_key=inventions&type=printables&option=published&id=620769&grammar=&vocabulary=&materials=&levels=&studentTypes=&skills=&languageExams=&dialect=&functions=&page=1&sorting_type=most_newest&filter_type=filter_all&view_type=list&view_length=12 - ESL worksheets