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a woman with her eyes closed and the words you said for better or worse, you said that you said it was a prime
🎬Blue Valentine (2010) Dir : Derek Cianfrance
an image of the same movie scene with different words in each language and two images of people
the vampire movie scene with two different scenes
Euphoria quote my insta is pennny_saucier and penzspam
#euphoria #quotes #zendaya #style
Motivation, Goodvibes, Quotes Deep
two people standing in a kitchen with one person touching the other's shoulder and another looking at her
two people standing next to each other in front of a wall with the caption your generation is added to attention
two people talking to each other in the same room
the girl in the mirror is talking on her cell phone and she's looking at herself
two people are smiling and one is holding a cat
Into the Wild. IMDB: 8.1