crochet feather and fan baby blanket - free crochet pattern

Crochet Feather and Fan Baby Blanket - Free Pattern

For my kitchen window.  Made 6 squares for each panel. Crocheted them together in a strip with right sides together through the back loops only. Then single crocheted once all the way around the st...

yarnstarved's Kitchy Curtains

y around the strip starting and ending in one corner. Then to create the loops to go around the curtain rod, I chained ten up from that corner, skipped 4 stitches and single crocheted one, chained ten, skipped sc on.

cortina de ganxet.

Crochet Curtains by macaperezberrios . Would be beautiful in a dark color layered with a light colored curtain for a shower curtain

Beautiful curtain, handmade crochet, 100% polyester. She has sewn tape width adjustment. Machine washable, 40 degres, iron. I perform in

Curtain Crocheted curtain Crochet curtain

Curtain Crocheted curtain Crochet curtain

Curtain Crocheted curtain Crochet curtain

Pattern instructions in free download. This lacy curtain allows you to enjoy the beauty of daylight and still maintain your privacy. A slightly loosened gauge gives the lace an airy quality, while the smooth cotton blend yarn knits into a crisp and attractive fabric.

Crochet Filet And More For Your Kitchen Free Patterns

Dappled Lace Café Curtain Pattern - Free Knitting Patterns by Knit Picks Design Team.I've needed cafe length curtains for months, why didn't I think to knit some?