latas decoradas

We have prepared here some beautiful DIY tin can lanterns that can really make some stunning compliments to your home decors. All these tin can lanterns make

Another more simple idea. Not as many flowers = cheaper.

Foliage Is The New Flowers

Super easy to DIY for the holidays, also a technique simple enought for your to adorn candles and create a unique centerpieces for your wedding or party. Fresh olive leaves tied with ribbon

Construindo Minha Casa Clean: Ideias de Organização e Decoração com Reciclagem!

Ideias de Organização e Decoração com Reciclagem!

What a fun project: this easy DIY bottle vase centerpiece is so easy to make.

la decoración de mis mesas: Decoración de sillas con arpillera.

Burlap sash with a little bunch of baby's breath flower for the chair decoration in a rustic wedding. The whitewashed wood of the chair makes it even more chic!

mesas decoradas navidad

Hanging lights on branches. Go natural with a fat branch and hang a combination of ornaments and candles attached with wire. Use twine or strong fishing wire to suspend the branch from above. You might want to try hangers so as not to damage your ceiling.