Bonito espejo decorado con mosaico.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Beautiful Handmade Mosaic Mirror Bevelled Edge white ceramic and blue foiled glass Mosaic Tile

espelho com moldura em mosaico

espelho com moldura em mosaico.I like the slightly waved borders of the frame

Stained Glass Mosaic mirror

Ive sold dozens of these over the years, I call them Confetti Mirrors. Its so beautiful in person, I wish glass came across better in

Mosaic mirrors

Mosaic mirrors

This mosaic was done.with all recycled bottle glass…wine for the green, cider for the tree trunk and gin for the sky (any excuse to buy Bombay Sapphire!

Carta O mosaico arte colgante de pared inicial O nombres vivero decoración bebé personalizado boda regalos de arte de la pared del monograma Olivia octubre Octavia Ola

Mosaic Letter O Glass mosaic wall hanging Mosaic initial O Olivia Ophelia Olive O names Nursery decor art Baby shower gifts Easter pastels

Guitar Mirror, via Flickr.

Made from stained glass, beads, recycled mugs and mirror. not yet grouted. its size is about 60 by 60 cm by