haft hardanger // An Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese Dilmont. One of my favorite embroidery books!

Great stitch

Sarah Whittle - Contemporary Embroidery Artist: PEKINESE STITCH / Chinese Stitch Tutorial -- start with a line of Backstitches and then threading with a contrasting color or thread thickness

Stitch School: braid stitch

this stitch would work out great with thicker yarn (or strands of floss) and smaller loops (as shown in diagram, not as demonstrated in the site) Useful for vines as it takes curves easily.

painting pattern

Floral Bunch pattern for painting / embroidery / applique / . Love the flourishing & Happy effect of this design !

Rita Barton: Painted Hungarian Folk Art Flowers

By now you know that I am obsessed with Hungarian Folk Art. Traditionally in Hungary this type of art is painted.

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