Broken Pot Fairy Garden - this looks much nicer than my broken pot fairy garden!                                                                                                                                                      More

Broken Pot Fairy Garden Tutorial With Video

Easy DIY painted terra cotta pots are eye-catching outside, can be pretty enough for inside, & you can easily swap & re-label the plants within. *Bonus tip: For large planters that you will need to move from season to season, slip a sturdy, wheeled saucer base underneath it before you plant.

27 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Terra Cotta Pots Or Pieces. #5 Is Stunning!

Set of painted terra cotta pots - sponged or roller painted with stencils (prepaint focal image before classtime, and add student/class names after)

Macetas pintadas. Painted pots. Estilo Indi. #paintedpots #macetas #pots #garden

Macetas pintadas. Painted pots. Estilo Indi. #paintedpots #macetas #pots #garden


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