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a man is holding an old hammer in his hand
How to Tap Black Walnut Trees for Syrup
an info sheet showing the different types of plants and how they are used to grow them
Creative Ways to Use The Herbs Grown in Your Garden
the printable guide for vegetable spacing guide
Unlock the Secret to a Perfect Garden Layout! | Modern Frontierswoman
a hand holding a glass jar filled with liquid on top of a window sill
How to Tap Black Walnut Trees for Syrup
black walnut syrup
how to grow pomegranate in pots
How to Grow Pomegranate Tree in a Pot Easily
Pomegranate is one of the nicest fruit trees and perhaps the easiest to grow in pots because it has shallow root system when compared to other fruit trees. Learn How to Grow Pomegranate in Pots
black elderberries growing in the garden with text overlay how to grow and harvest elderberries
How to Grow Elderberries | Gardener's Path
Whether you’re wanting a beautiful shrub or small tree for your yard, or you’re wanting to harvest berries to make syrup or wine to fend off sickness, the elderberry makes a beautiful addition to any small holding. Learn about the available varieties, and how to make them thrive at home, plus harvesting tips and more. Find everything you need to know at Gardener’s Path. #elderberries #growingfood #gardenerspath
how to harvest and preserve elderberry from garden's path, with text overlay
How to Harvest and Preserve Elderberry | Gardener’s Path
Elderberry is truly an incredible plant, with a rich, complex history and a multitude of fascinating uses. To learn how to harvest and preserve the fruit of this shrub for medicine, food, or wine, head over to Gardener’s Path now to read more. #elderberry #growyourown #herbalmedicine #gardenerspath
the garden is made out of logs and dirt
What is Permaculture? Designing a Resilient Garden
What is permaculture?
an older man is working in the garden with his wheelbarrow full of plants
The Grand Amaranth Experiment
a poster with the words vegetable seed spacing on it
Tips to Starting a Vegetable Garden That Will Be Best for You
a guide to how much you should space your vegetable seeds when planting Flower seeds, vegetable seeds