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the stairs are decorated with flowers and people walking down one side, while another is on the other
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scala infiorata , Caltagirone, Sicily. Scala Santa Maria del Monte (142 gradini decorati con mattonelle in maiolica)
a white picket fence next to a street with a green frog on the ground in front of it
Chalk Street Art – 30 adorable creations by David Zinn - Ego - AlterEgo
Chalk Street Art – 30 adorable creations by David Zinn #streetart #chalk
there are many different colored pencils lined up on the side of the street,
Avec LeCyklop Paris, à Rue René Goscinny.
there is a mural on the side of a building with a red straw sticking out of it
das ist neu. und hübsch.
street art
an artistically designed hand on the side of a building in front of some trees
Street Art
there is a painting on the side of a building that has strawberries in it
Street Art in Poland
a man is hanging off the side of a building with graffiti on it's walls
Accueil - Studio d’art Levalet
LEVALET - Dessin de rue
a man walking past a street sign with a skeleton on it's back and an orange frame
Levalet New Street Piece - Paris, France
Levalet, Paris
a man in black and white is leaning against a sign with his foot on it
a woman is standing in front of a wall with a painting of a cassette tape recorder on it
EspaiMGR - Spain. #streetart #publicart
three men hanging from ropes on the side of an old building with their hands in the air
Artist: Levalet
three different images of people floating in the water with their heads submerged to the ground
a woman with an umbrella painted on the side of a building
Top Rated Street Art – “There can only be one Banksy!”