Adorable veggie rock garden markers

16 Beautiful Painted Rock Projects: Art in Your Pocket

No more blown away plant markers in the garden.this fun project the kids can help with too! (Pinner: I have painted rocks but never made garden markers so would like to try some. I use paints for outdoor use.

Health  Nutrition - Your Daily Vitamins and the Foods that Contain Them

This simple infographic breaks down the essential vitamins we need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. It also displays the benefits of these vitamins and how we can put them in our diet.

Cocinas bonitas

Ideas para una cocina bonita

Here's a test tube spice rack that I made to hold all of my spices. I tried to improve upon previous test tube spice racks that I've seen by using a nice.

Incorporate more super foods

Quinoa lends protein & fiber to your meals. New Quinoa Ebook, you'll learn ways to add this antioxidant rich superfood to your diet.

must be organic to be GMO free

I Feed My Baby Healthy Snacks…Right?

Zucchini IS GMO! 25 foods to always purchase organic infographic. Health, diet, and nutrition.

Huerto Urbano: Huertos verticales

This living wall offers wall and floor protection and features irrigation system and a recirculating pump

Truth. Visit to learn more about what's really in our food.

Try organic food

Funny Pictures Try Organic Food Or As Your Grandparents Called It Quotfoodquot

this is true.

Items similar to Eggplant Eat Better Feel Better Inspirational Rustic Wall Art Print Poster Home Decor Food Vegetables Premium Print on Etsy

Famers markets = weekends + organic food. Two things that make me happy because they both mean so much to much. Working at an organic grocer has taught me that health is wealth. I chose this particular image because the colours and veggies instantly put a smile to my face :) x x x x  #EndeavourCollegeofNaturalHealth #PinWinSpinGrin

Farmer’s Markets are Here! Summer is almost here which means two things: patio happy hours and farmers’ markets! Check out our list below of farmers’ markets happening in and around Denver this summer

Cooking Tips - Health  Nutrition - The quickest way to become a foodie with an excellent palate is to drink organic green smoothies. In just 3 days to even 3 weeks your whole system will demand fresh ingredients, be able to taste chemicals, know when something needs an extra spice, and much more! Organic foods are also high vibrational, esp fruits and veggies. This naturally increases your intuition to be a natural intuitive your grandmother! ~Spiritual Adviser  Health Coach…

Which foods should you buy organic? Which can you buy cheap? (Infographic)

"No, we are organic."  :)

Do you have a New Year's resolution yet? If you don't, let us suggest one: Go organic! An organic diet helps fight cancer, stroke and heart problems, among other benefits. Here at Purifyne Cleanse we provide organic juices only.