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two people with dreadlocks standing next to each other in front of a blue sky
Happy Birthday Amir
I've already said it 10 times today but...happy birthday to my brother who get one everyone of my nerves sometimes but is always there for me. P.S. I borrowed $10 from your safe...;)
two people standing in a kitchen, one is eating food and the other is holding a spoon
couple character inspiration
a woman with long hair and tattoos standing in front of a white background wearing green cargo pants
These Oc's are free to use, but give credit please! 💓 Inspiration, Disney, Black Girl Cartoon, Cute Couple Art
These Oc's are free to use, but give credit please! 💓
a young boy is smiling in front of bookshelves
Cool and cute black kid
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Girls, Girl Drawing, Afro Art
two people standing next to each other wearing hoodies
the boondocks goals art
a painting of a woman sitting on the steps with her hands to her face and two birds nearby
a woman with two dogs on her shoulder in a flowery field, and one dog is pointing at the camera
a woman in a blue dress is standing with her hand on her hip and looking off to the side
boondocks recreations #boondocks #boondocking #aiartcommunity #art Black Characters, Anime Girl, Pretty Drawings
Boondocks 🌼
boondocks recreations #boondocks #boondocking #aiartcommunity #art