DIY Modular Gift Bow ~ Photo tutorial.

Paper Bow Template for some super easy gift wrapper crafting, or you could use this same template on some ribbon and make bows to go on ornaments to give to your big or little! Make out of ribbon for a little girls bow.

DIY Woven Paper Easter Egg Basket and Tray 2

DIY Woven Paper Easter Egg Basket and Tray

love this idea, could cut egg carton piece to fit any basket already on hand DIY Woven Paper Easter Egg Basket and Tray 2 Más

Yarn Tassel Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Yarn Tassel Ornaments Wrap yarn around cardboard (ours was 3 inches high) at least 10 times. Loop yarn for hanger under top strands; Tie yarn around tassel near the top; trim ends evenly.

Centros de Mesa con Globos para Cumpleaños de 15

This is an idea for a balloon decoration for the front entryway or for gift table. Via Boutique Balloons Melbourne

decoración con globos para baby shower40

Decoraciones con globos para Baby Shower

Te mostraremos muchas ideas para que tengas variedad de opciones para escoger 15 ideas para decoracion de baby shower con globos todas son muy adorables

Sweet baby shower decoration idea with balloons. Can change the colors to create different baby looks.