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Brand Identity Design | Visual design | Instagram post design | Post templates | дизайн инстаграм
a man is holding two beer bottles in his hand
Studio Conquesta’s Brand Identity for Zest — Premium Ice Tea
Brand identity for zest — Zest is a refreshing lemon ice tea that can be ordered at your favourite cafes this summer. The goal was to create a premier brand identity that celebrates the summer’s vibrancy and the simple pleasure of a refreshing, high-quality drink. It merges the nostalgic feelings of carefree summer days with a modern, sophisticated edge. We imagine reaching for a chilled bottle of Zest from the fridge, enjoying it as the sun sets. The colors reflect nostalgia, authenticity, and the summer sun, as well as the vibrant flavors of the Zest range. This approach shows that Zest Ice Tea stands out not only as a beverage but as a lifestyle choice for the refined consumer, combining nostalgic charm with modern style. The typo is bold and easy to recognize.
several logos for coastal souvenirs and surfboards on a blue wallpaper background
Coastal Sol Surfboards Branding
an image of the sun, water and clouds in blue on a beige background with lines
modern illustration inspo for candle company
I will design custom professional logoWe specialize in crafting original custom logo designs to help brands stand out and get noticed. We understand that logo is not just a random symbol and that it provides your brand an identity that represents your core values, therefore we take our job seriously. Whether you are looking for a Minimalist logo, Wordmark logo, Lettermark logo, Brandmark logo, or Freestyle logo. We would love to design a conceptually strong and visually attractive logo
several stickers on the side of a surfboard in the sand with words and symbols above them
Martina D. Graphic Designer - Matcha Lemon Drink
Martina D. Graphic Designer - Matcha Lemon Drink
an advertisement for jameson's ginger and lime beer in the middle of ice cubes
Take Jameson Ginger & Lime To Go.
Ginger & Lime in a can is ready for adventure all spring. Switch up the location of your whiskey happy hour and no fear, because your favorite drink will always be available.