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an image of a printable table plan for the 30th anniversary celebration with pink and gold lettering
FREE | Relationship Recharge - Sign Up Today To Begin To Enhance Your Marriage and Relationships | 30 Day Marriage Infographic
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper that says we are living our adventure
Brush pen lettering with a Tombow brush marker.
a close up of a person with a quote in front of her and the caption below it
Worst part of the job. Pediatric nurses have to be tightrope walkers too....there is a fine line between not caring enough to protect yourself and letting your heart get too involved. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that one of my favorite kids is going home on hospice. Life is so unfair. The sweetest kid I've met hands down and all he has known is suffering his whole life. He is a fighter but his fight is coming to an end. He needs his wings.
Grandmother Willow Weekly Affirmation: The Right Path | Disney Style Wise Words, Life Quotes, Words Of Wisdom, Great Quotes
Disney News | Disney
Grandmother Willow Weekly Affirmation: The Right Path | Disney Style
a black and white poster with the words never since i met you nobody else is worth thinking about
the poster for sisters don't need words, which are also in pink and black
a quote from john green on the side of a hill
What a fantastic quote! Your imagination can take you to the places of the unknown...
empower vs. tearing down. choose wisely. Picture Quotes, Women Empowerment Quotes, Empowerment Quotes
empower vs. tearing down. choose wisely.
the soul cannot live without love written on a black square tile with white lettering that reads,
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