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La Plata, Argentina
Ana del Sur
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Recicla esas cajas de fruta y conviértelas en unas bonitas estanterías decorativas.

Hang some DIY crates on the area over the toilet to add some decor. The dried beach dahlias in tiny bubble vases, mason jars filled with candles & bath salts, some driftwood, and a few starfish & shells make your bathroom super fantastic.

Chaos under your sink? Tame a crowd of spray bottles by installing a curtain rod across the cabinet. Suspend them by their spray triggers, and voila! Freed-up space for other bathroom or kitchen essentials. A heavy-duty tension rod will work, but a screw-mounted option is best if you have many (or particularly heavy) bottles. In-Tension rod, in Pewter,

Tension Rod Storage: Who knew your cleaning products could look so cool? Conquer under-the-sink chaos and clutter with the help of a humble little tension rod. Suddenly cleaning doesn’t seem so daunting. (via Martha Stewart)

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From the kitchen, to the kids toys, to the paper clutter piling on the counter - here are 25 practical tips to help you organize every aspect of your.

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thinking upstairs bathroom.all you need to make these crate shelves is a few craft-store crates and your favorite hue of paint. Staggering the cabinets creates additional storage space atop each crate and allows the shelves to double as wall art.