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a wooden gate leading to a lush green field
Cornish Lane in Summer
Cornish Lane in Summer | vintage 1953 & wackymoomin's photostream
a white house surrounded by flowers and trees
Outdoor Summer Bridal Portrait Session
Pippin Hill Farm, a perfect wedding venue choice.
two chickens walking in front of a large white house
30 Beautiful Australian Homesteads
Australia is home to an abundance of handsome homesteads. Typically defined as a family-owned farmhouse and its adjacent land, homesteads were originally used to support a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and seen as a reflection of the economic prosperity of the respective owner.
a wooden gate with a light on it in the middle of some grass and trees
Mountainside Refuge | Sunline Landscapes
two white garage doors are open in front of a house
the front porch is clean and ready for us to use
Our Farmhouse Back Porch Reveal – The "1st Summer" Edition! - Emily Henderson
Our Farmhouse Back Porch Reveal – The "1st Summer" Edition! - Emily Henderson
a white house with two garage doors on the front and one door open to let in light
an open garage door with a light hanging from it's side and a pair of glasses on top
garage door lights - Google Search
two garages with brown doors in front of a white house
6 Barn Garage Doors That Offer Instant Charm | Hunker
an open door leading to a bedroom with white walls and wood flooring on the outside
FLYNN PROJEX’s Instagram profile post: “🏡 ⚡️🌴🐚 🔨 Who would love this as their holiday house? It’s always great looking back at previous jobs we have done and seeing results like…”