Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures - Tree Hugger :: Fairy peeping around a tree as if saying shhh to the person who's spotter her. {part of the Fairies at Trentham Gardens trail}

Something pretty to make.

always bring any vignette to life. These are sweet. An odd shape, but any bird figure from thrift store, or craft, then decoupage. And spindle salvage for the bases.

set of 3 ceramic cactus canisters

set of 3 ceramic cactus canisters STRAND II: Elements and Principles Select and use elements of art for their effect in communicating through artwork. Identify and use real/actual texture. National Standards: VA 2 Show-Me Standards: FA 2

♔ Ommm

Mossy Garden Buddha Lava stone Buddha collection from Design MIX Furniture in Los Angeles

Fantasy Wire Creates Incredible Fairy Wire Sculptures For Purchase

It is said Wishin fairy blesses every Dandy - lion. via Dirt-girl and surprise I actually have an artist credit. Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

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Yoga bella sculpture

Yoga Bella Sculpture - for a calming presence in your home or garden. Leave her as is or fill her lap with sand and candles, water and floating flowers.

#UniversoDeAngeles Dinero circula constantemente.

#UniversoDeAngeles Dinero circula constantemente.

little clay houses with lights.

little clay houses with lights.

fantasy wire sculptures of fairies are by Robin Wight,

Stunning Fantasy Wire Sculptures of Fairies by Robin Wight

These fantasy wire sculptures of fairies are by Robin Wight, it's hard to believe he only started creating them a year ago as they are absolu