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a sign that says recipe for success with an apron and spatula next to it
a bulletin board with hearts and clouds in the shape of rainbows that say, be a rainbow in someone else's cloud
Teacher School Bulletin Board for classroom decor/Be a Rainbow/cutouts/decoration/ Back to school/ cardstock
"What is included in this package? - 2 clouds (17 x 12 each) - 56 hearts with rainbow colors (4.5 x 5 each) - 6 grass lines with 3 different green shades (11 x 6 each line) - Message in black letters: \"Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud \" All the pieces are made out of card stock, high quality, heavyweight and smooth finishes. Background papers ARE NOT INCLUDED This decoration will ease any teacher's job! you just have to tape them on your classroom bulletin board and get done with the job
a bulletin board with hearts on it in front of a brick wall that says kindness is contagious spread it
Kindness is Contagious - bulletin board. Cut out hearts folded to appear to “pop” out
a quote that says what makes you different is what makes you wonderful with snowflakes
Winter Classroom Decoration, Snowflake Bulletin Board Cutouts, Inspirational Bulletin Board, Custom Bulletin Board Lettering
a sign that says it doesn't get easier you get better
Images By Reverse Gaming 23 On Learning [video] | Cool Math 04F