Amb botelles i taps de plàstic, encertar!

Juego cup and ball style traditional school yard playground toy from plastic bottle great kids craft club project

DECORA DECORA: Idea para decorar el cumpleaños de un adulto.

Picture-Perfect Birthday Party - Photo Wall -- Print photos in various sizes. Lay them on the floor in the shape of the birthday number to determine your arrangement. Then tape them to a wall.

Una cortina de punticos para decorar el fondo de una mesa de postres. #FiestaInfantil

Polka Dot Birthday Party by Love The Day (Love The Day)

Fiesta Peppa Pig: ideas para la decoración

Fiesta Peppa Pig: ideas para la decoración

Multi-Color Paper Swirl Decorations - Cut giant swirls out of poster board to hang from the ceiling