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Analog Textures/Materials

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FX: Crumpled

14 Pins

FX: Peeling Paint

5 Pins

FX: Stained/Dirty

16 Pins

Material: Canvas

5 Pins

Material: Fabric

17 Pins

Material: Leather

6 Pins

Material: Metallic

2 Pins

Material: Mosaic/Tiles

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Material: Papyrus

3 Pins
Ian McQue on Twitter: "patchwork https://t.co/xcIgoJN0o6" / Twitter
Tales from Weirdland on Twitter: "Know your bricks! https://t.co/aumHUUrg1x" / Twitter

Material: Rock/Stone/Brick

29 Pins
q-wood-grain-texture-paper-wood-grain-texture-mat-wood-grain-texture-mat-silicone-wood-grain-texture-mats-wood-grain-texture-photoshop-free-wood-grain-textures-wood-grain-texture-vector-wood-g. (4928×2944)

Material: Wood

9 Pins

Media: Dry

11 Pins

Media: Mixed

34 Pins

Media: Watercolor

11 Pins
David D'Andrade Projects

Media: Wet Opaque

34 Pins

Media: Wet Transluscent

16 Pins

Paper: Blue

2 Pins

Paper: Gray

12 Pins
prod_1366686512 (1600×1600)

Paper: Green

3 Pins

Paper: Orange

8 Pins

Paper: Purple

6 Pins

Paper: Red

19 Pins

Paper: Tan/Brown

17 Pins

Paper: White

15 Pins

Paper: Yellow

4 Pins