Chairman Mao

Long Live the Chinese Communist Party that Chairman Mao Personally Founded, April 1973 Wall Art & Canvas Prints by Chinese School

Barack Obama election campaign

Barack Obama/Hope Painter: Shepard Fairey Year: 2008 Known to many of us as the poster plastered everywhere in support of now-President Barack Obama, this image began life as a x collage in Fairey's studio.

Communist propaganda

50 Powerful Examples Of Visual Propaganda And The Meanings Behind Them – Design School

Flag flying

Flag flying

Wyclef Jean waving flag

Wyclef is one of our own famous rappers. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York, but born in the country of Haiti. After the earthquake Wyclef started campaigns to raise money for the disaster that happened in his Hometown of Haiti.

Flying the flag

Tear gas surrounds a Turkish protester waving the national flag.

Chinese communist party

Success from violence is often at the expense of others - Best Dalai Lama Quotes

Radio revolution

Radio revolution

Radio revolution

Radio revolution

Communist russia

Say what you will about the old Soviet Union, but they turned propaganda posters into fine art. I found these examples on a Russian website,.