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punto de trenza

Lyda: "This is the first real embroidery stitch i learned, i used it on the seams of my apron dress." Vandyke stitch, several extant things have this on them in some form or another (see Medieval Clothing and Textiles vol VIII?

La puntada Prohibida de bordados chinos

The Forbidden Stitch in Chinese Embroideries: Peking Stitch or Chinese Stitch. First, a back stitch is laid down and then, with a blunt needle, the Pekinese Stitch itself is laced


Some of the stitches used in Crewel or freehand embroidery.

Tutorial. Puntada olas

Chain stitch -- another variation, sort of zig-zags. I had no idea there were so many ways to do chain stitch!


{} Various embroidery patterns. [A] group meatball


Chinese knot is also known as the blind knot, forbidden knot and pekin knot. A loose knot is made around the needle and tightened to form a tighter knot. It is called blind knot as it caused blindness(eye strain) and hence the other name forbidden knot!


Jesusito Estampado. BABINE

The Savannah dress by Corinna Couture Summer by CorinnaCouture but I need it in a girls


hand embroidery detail on needlework sampler knotted loop oval stitch with seed beads in middle


home sewing projects with fancy stitches and decorative embroidery stitches 1