Fish dress - Super simple pillowcase shape with a cinched waist (slipped through with buttonholes on either side).

Fish dress - I could easily get any gorgeous stamp and make the fabric special. I like the kimono style dress in a jersey knit - it looks cool and comfortable.

print & pattern

Lily pads - this would be interesting to re-create using white or metallic pens on dark paper


Palm tree are the print of the season, not to mention that they are also fitting for this warm summer vacation weather. Turn over a new leaf and try out a palm print for inspiration.


Alexandra Rosenfeld : sous les tropiques exactement

Mini Rodini Kids Organic Tiger Print Leggings

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Брюки с набивным рисунком "пальмы" 2

Брюки с набивным рисунком "пальмы" 2