different joining stitches in crochet!

Crochet Different Joining Stitches - Chart ❥ // hf. This is pretty straight forward. No need for a pattern.

Knot Your Nana's Crochet: 10. Different Ways To Join Granny Squares  ♡ Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/ ♡

Knot Your Nana's Crochet: 10 Different Ways To Join Granny Squares, Friday, 12 April (This post contains affiliate links)

crochet joining techniques


chain join 1 decorative method for joining crochet fabric, squares & motifs & most popular in crochet lace work


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VMSomⒶ KOPPA: kukkaympyrä-VILLATAKKI This is what the circle jacket looks like! But it needs sleeves attached to the holes I think.


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