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a black cat laying on top of a bed next to a pillow with the caption, but we cannot sit and stare at our wounds forever
☆ zombi3grl
Feminism, Greek Mythology, Wisdom, Womb, Goddess, Aphrodite, Bump, Healing
!!!!! love your tummy, big or small it is beautiful and worthy of your love !!!!!
a woman laying in bed with the caption, this is how i look like sleeping all my problems away
Real, Girl, Literally, Feliz, Rage, Kata-kata, Phrase
two men and a woman standing in a room with the words me if he doesn't text me back
Lose My Mind, How I Feel, Going Crazy, Reaction Pictures
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an image of a painting with the caption i'm deeply invested in a casual relationship
a woman holding flowers in her hands with the words know it will pass, but it's heavy