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Mandala shield of life tattoo design by Roxena Bernardi (tattoo designer/artist). This lady designs amazing mandala tattoos. I love the shape of this one, and want something similar on my forearm.

Maandalas a colorea

Mandalas represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism, also exhibiting balance. It is also seen in Christian architecture.


I have this as a tattoo to represent my partner, with some subtle colour added. Just found out it is originally an embroidery design from "Make your next crafty move a good one with this chess-themed design! Dynamic strokes make up a stylized knight.

Infografía con 11 maneras de usar una bufanda (hombres) – Traxxo

11 ways to tie mans scarf infographic RMRS Great info from Business Insider- Says men's scarf but I think I could learn something from this~