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an advertisement for the movie my sweet boy with pictures of people and stars on it
3 meses carta de amor kpop
an image of a page with flowers and leaves on it's side, in the middle
Para ti<33
the back side of a poster with an image of two people
two yellow birds sitting on top of a blue heart in the sky with raindrops
a cat holding a sign that says hola me gustas mucho
shi (*´ ˘ `*)♡
the words tu me completass are written in purple, blue and pink
Ideas note it
the words are written in spanish and have hearts painted on them, as well as an image of a brain
a drawing of a pie with the words cuanto te amo
an image of a night sky with clouds and stars in the background, which reads noteit
a heart made out of tiny lights on a blue background with the words my dream written in it
My evangeline
a green turtle with a smile on it's face
a drawing of a mushroom with the words te amo de agui alc a pastos de
te amo de aquí a la luna a pasitos de caracol <3