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Super Moon. Es como la de Shrek!!

In ancient times when man had not quite got round to inventing the wristwatch, the most reliable source of telling the time was the sun, moon, and stars. There seems to be several opinions of who came up with the moon planting calendar first.

...sacará fuerzas de donde sea para ayudarte, para protegerte, para luchar...

Gabriel - Hebrew meaning God is my strength : Male. The bible speaks of angels as being fearsome warriors of God who strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. Cherubs and sexy women angels are an abomination.

Soledad Raya reseña El Final de Todos los Inviernos

Amos What sorrow awaits you who say, “If only the day of the Lord were here!” You have no idea what you are wishing for. That day will bring darkness, not light.