Esta flor tuvo una gran carga simbólica en el Antiguo Egipto, la India y China –y lo continúa teniendo–. Entre sus principales significados, se destacan la pureza y la resurrección.

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Back tattoo /// Lotus flower /// "Another back lotus, this time on and just as beautiful. (by Make your own with henna.

Increible Flor de Loto

Flor de Loto

The truth about mandala tattoo ideas is about to be revealed. Today, mandala tattoos are made with different styles and colors in order to achieve different

Flor de Loto

Flor de Loto

Lotus tattoo by Paul Weisengoff. Lotus' stand for rebirth- overcoming your past and living for the beauty of today. I'm a better, happier, stronger person because of my past. I want this lotus to remind myself of my own strength and happiness.

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I like this wrapped arrow, and maybe instead of the straight line between tip and feather, do a script "look around round round round round" Beatles quote

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Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER Half mandala temporary tattoo Discovred by : Kali Holman

Me likes this

I just tattooed this mandala style lotus , it was jades first tattoo , she sat very well :) .