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a green poster with some words written in black and white on the bottom right corner
the words are written in different languages
the words in spanish are written on white paper
Inglés 6D9
the words in different languages are written on purple and white paper with black writing that says,
Gracias en inglés /agradecer
some type of words that are in different languages on a black background with white lettering
some type of font that is black and white with the words written in different languages
an image of some people and animals with spanish words on the side of their faces
Plurales irregulares en inglés para aprender (Englishwithuli)
the words in english and spanish are arranged on top of each other, with different colors
Aprende todos los condicionales fácilmente en 5 minutos
two different types of words in spanish with the same language as each word, and one has
Verbo TO DO – Hacer
a pink background with the words in different languages
Expresiones hechas en inglés para mostrar emociones - Voy Aprender Inglés
an english poster with different types of symbols
Antonimos en ingles (Antonyms) (ENGLISHWITHULI)
a spanish poster with words and pictures on it
Aprende Inglés-Sila on Twitter
a poster with different types of letters and numbers
Simbolos de internet (ENGLISHWITHULI)