John Lennon & Paul Mccartney By George Harrison I really love this

amoralto: “ John and Paul sightseeing away from the crowds in New Delhi, India, photographed by Ringo Starr. (July - I don’t remember the very first shots I took with a fish eye but these.

George Harrison and John Lennon (taken in 1974 - might be last known photo of the George and John together)

{*George Harrison & John Lennon (taken in 1974 - might be last known photo of the George & John together :( RIP Guys up there in Rocknroll Heaven with the best ov them must be one Hell ov a Band up there*'}

Smiles, tears, sadness, joy, longing.. everything in their songs. #beatles #music #passion

Them Beatles. They started it all. They changed the sound of rock n' roll, started my love of music, and became the gods of music. The Beatles, always and forever.


The Beatles in Obertauern, Austria, during the filming of Help. Photo by Robert Freeman.

The Beatles

This beloved musician and poet wrote, "Here Comes the Sun," one of my all time favorite songs.

Queen New Track and New Material to be Released

Happy Birthday Freddie - your music lives on What a talented man!

The beatles George Harrison Biography! All the facts on the great Beatles musician.

George Harrison.

George Harrison wearing his “Stamp Out The Beatles” sweater during a recording session for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in early 1967