Porche de madera para salvar el calor del verano y conseguir una agradable sombra en su terraza

patio awning blue concrete - santa ynez house - fernau + hartman architects - photo © richard barnes + marion brenner via archdaily

2-story structure with open 1st floor elements

Architectural Rendering, architectural visualisation of a detached house in Moralia, Mexico

Residência GS

Residência GS

GS House is a modern country house designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura. GS House is located in Itu, Sao Paulo, and has a built area of 1190 sqm.

Squarely magic.

Ecuadorian architectural firm Diez + Muller Arquitectos completed the design for a modern residence in Tumbaco, Ecuador. Casa - How would you feel with this much glass?

Brise em Madeira

Contemporary single family house located in Guarujá, Brazil, designed in 2008 by Studio Arthur Casas.

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