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Trachyandra tortilis (Baker) Oberm. by A small plant from  'Namaqualand', an arid region of Namibia and South Africa. #Succulent

Trachyandra tortilis is a small bulbous plant from South Africa’s “Namaqualand” region. Usually seen growing in deep sany soils, sometimes in heavier, silt-like soils, where the plants tend to be dwarfed growing only to a maximum of in height.

Three new streams of stars were discovered ringing the Milky Way. The two closest streams are thought to be star clusters, while the huge arcing stream is thought to be a dwarf galaxy. - Credit: Caltech

Three newly-discovered streams arcing high over the Milky Way Galaxy are remnants of cannibalized galaxies and star clusters. The streams are between and light-years distant from Earth and extend over much of the Northern sky.