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Combination of water colour and pen renderings have been used to produce a very clear, crisp painting. The information is clear and easily read. Great skill and control of media.

This plan drawing displays a proposed idea for a landscape. The use of different coloured and tonal markers helps to understand the design better and represents the different materials and shading that could impact the area/design.

Ideias de como fazer festa junina/julina |

Ideias de como fazer festa junina/julina

Ideias de como fazer festa junina/julina |

Painting tips & tricks

Secrets to Using and Preserving Paint Brushes and Rollers

Cheap paint rollers shed all over the paint as you roll it on, but they’re good because they’re disposable—no cleanup! Before using one, wipe it with a self-adhesive lint roller to remove all the loose fuzz—no more picking it off wet walls.

Instant Storage Solutions: Find more storage everywhere in your house!

Instant Storage Solutions

Plastic lattice works well for storing long lengths of miscellaneous pipe, trim, flashing and conduit. Just cut matching pieces, then screw cleats to the ceiling and screw the lattice to the wall studs and cleats. Or fishing poles?

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