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Tourmaline - beautiful crystal creations -were put here for us to enjoy

Bumblebee Jasper

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Ametrine-rare and unusual stone which occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal. VERY RARE only found in Bolivia. Wards off depression, leads to inner peace and tranquility. The merge of amethyst and citrine makes this a powerful money stone, and excellent via to higher psychic awareness.

Ametrine Rough Crystal Gemstone

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This is another kind of opal, called the Fire Opal. It's found in Mexico and inside seems to be filled with flames or a sunset.

This is another kind of opal, called the Fire Opal. It's found in Mexico and inside seems to be filled with flames or a sunset.

Apophyllite d'Inde.

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Retrouvez nos nouvelles ventes de minéraux et cristaux, mais aussi de livres minéralogiques, ou encore d'outils géologiques et produits de nettoyage.

Called the Royal One, the 306-carat, gem-quality black opal was kept hidden for 14 years by a miner who discovered it in the Australian outback. It is almost double the size of the Aurora Australis, found in 1938, which was valued at $1 million in 2005.

$3 Million Black Opal Goes on Sale in Las Vegas

It's been more than a decade to market for one of the world's most impressive opals, which will be on sale this weekend at an upscale jewelry event in Las Vegas. The minimum asking price: $3 million.

Tourmaline Specimen. Wow, I would love to have a gemstone cut from that tourmaline.

gem-news-2010-v3 — Pala international

Pala International is home to some of the planet’s finest gems, precious stones and mineral specimens. Here you will find colored stones of every persuasion, including fine Burma ruby, Burma sapphire, Ceylon sapphire, Kashmir sapphire, alexandrite, cat’s eye, tourmaline (including rubellite tourmaline), spinel, garnets such as tsavorite, demantoid, rhodolite and spessartite, imperial topaz, aquamarine, emerald, and a plethora of others. also features educational articles…

This is so very neat! I never seen one! Fossilized pine cone


Sticks in Stones

Fluorite with Pyrite

Fluorite with Pyrite


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Fluorite - Namibia

Lightning ridge black opal pair.

Lightning Ridge Black Opal Pair

Australia. Almost a matched pair, one a little larger (2.7 x 1.8 x .5 cm) than the other. (2.4 x 1.6 x .6 cm) Flashing irridescent blue. Anyone wonder why it's called Lightning Ridge? These are like lightning bolts that flash through the stones as they move.

Rhodochrosite rosettes on Quartz - Romania

Minerals, Crystals & Fossils

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Liddicoatite, a rare member of the tourmaline group of minerals.

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Onyx is a variant of agate with black and white banding. Similarly, agate with brown, orange, red and white banding is known as sardonyx.

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Agate var. Onyx with Quartz Requested by my-personal-dephts Couldn’t find many pictures that I liked, but this one is splendid!

Blue Cap Tourmaline The “Candelabra” Tourmaline This stunning specimen was mined by Pala at the Tourmaline Queen mine in 1972. Today it is on public display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Among the many discoveries at the Tourmaline Queen, one stands out—the “Blue Cap Pocket,” which was later referred to as the find of the century by Dr. Vincent Manson, then-curator of the American Museum of Natural History. (Photo: Harold Erica Van Pelt)