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an image of the inside of a building with lots of plants and trees in it
Overgrown Railroad, Tyler Bolster
a sci - fi tunnel with stairs and gates leading to the exit area, surrounded by concrete walls
an overhead view of a city street at night
an abandoned building with lots of windows and doors
an old run down building with graffiti on it
an old building with stairs going up to the top
Remains of burned out Pepperell Mills textile factory, in Opelika, AL
a model of a building with trees growing out of it
abandoned city
two people walking down a dark alley way
The Neon Streets of Kyoto Japan
A particular street in Kyoto Japan uses neon paint and lights to give us a mystical ambiance. This is an AI artwork made possible with Midjourney.
many fish are swimming in the water under an overpass
Benjamin Wiessner
an abandoned set of escalators in the middle of some bushes and plants on either side of them
20 Abandoned Places That Are Being Swallowed Up By Time
20 Places Being Swallowed By Time - Ftw Gallery