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a person sitting on a wooden bench in front of a building with trees and water
Windhover Contemplative Center
Windhover Contemplative Center on Behance
a modern house with wooden decking and glass walls
Interior Design & Exterior Architecture: Photo
Una casa orientada al exterior ...
the modern house is surrounded by grass and trees
Creative and Modern glass house examples!
large modern glass house
a large open living room and dining area with glass walls on both sides, overlooking the ocean
Gallery of FMG Monte Alegre / Urbem Arquitetura - 5
FMG Monte Alegre / Urbem Arquitetura
the dining room is very large and has an open floor plan
Casa L, en Buenos Aires – ARQA
Casa L, en Buenos Aires – ARQA
an artist's rendering of a house in the middle of some trees and bushes
This is how Lothlórien would look like in today’s world. Gres House, Luciano Kruk. Itauna, Brasil. (images by Luciano Kruk)
a white building sitting on top of a dirt field next to a body of water
Galería de Oficina Comercial CONAFE / TNG Arquitectos - 12
a large kitchen with marble counter tops and wooden cabinets on the walls, along with an island
CASA HARAS | homify
CASA HARAS: Cocinas de estilo moderno por ESTUDIO GEYA
an outdoor living area with pool and patio furniture -
MALAGA DONACASA 130 m2 , Hormigón celular con trasdosado tejado plano
the front entrance to a modern home with stone steps leading up to it's entry
Galeria Fotos - Estudio Gamboa - Casa Estilo Actual Mexicano Barragán - Arquitecto - Arquitectos -
an outdoor patio with grass and wooden benches
Px, tamen arquitectura | homify
: Terrazas de estilo por TAMEN arquitectura