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Thank you Ladybug by NancySauria on DeviantArt

AU: Ladybug dies from saving the city. Chat Noir, the carefree kitty, will never be that same ever again. My heart!

Frustrated by on @DeviantArt

Then Chat gets jealous then after a while he realizes… Chat Noir=Adrien

There Must Have Another Way, Mari by on @DeviantArt

How to get Chat Noir to shut up and faint. Step Get his Lady(AKA Ladybug AKA Marinette Dupin-Cheng) Step Make Ladybug kiss Chat Noir. Step Leave him alone to think about what just happened. Step Watch him Fangirl like an idiot and faint from happiness.

Miraculous Ladybug- Nathaniel, Ladybug, Chat

Welcome To Miraculous Ladybug Shipper Hell. — p-l-u-m-b-u-m: I did one of those otp oc memes.<< not the first time I've been in hell