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a woman laying on top of a bed talking on a cell phone with her hand up to her ear
Yo cuando hablo con mi amiga ☎️👯
an animated cartoon character reading a book with the caption'die nach vor der prifung '
Nickelodeon (@nickelodeonla) • Instagram photos and videos
Cuando te das cuenta que te sabes la letra de miles de canciones pero no logras recordar lo que viste en clase
the simpsons character is giving thumbs up to someone in front of him with an expression that reads, te extrano
15 Situaciones que sólo entenderás si eres de cara frígida
O sea, si te cuesta expresar tus sentimientos.
the simpsons is sitting in front of a bookshelf with many books on it
Asi muchos!
the simpsons is looking at her reflection in the mirror while she's getting ready for bed
the simpsons is writing in her room
Separate Vocations/Gallery
the simpsons is laying in bed with his feet up on the pillow and looking at something
Memo Del Castillo (@DimeMemo) on X
Yo, todos los domingos.
the simpsons is wearing sunglasses with yellow hair and glasses on his head, in front of a pink background