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brightly colored buildings with flower boxes on the windows
Add color in your everyday life | My desired home
two flags flying in the wind under a blue sky with white stars on one side and red, yellow, and blue stripes on the other
a flag is flying on top of an old building
diciembre 6, 2010 – Carmelo Urso
a woman with a bowl on her head is standing in front of a cloudy sky
a woman with a large metal bowl on her head in front of a cloudy sky
Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay
a man is riding in the back of a truck with baskets on it
an empty dirt road surrounded by tall grass and corn stalks on both sides with mountains in the background
Caña de azucar el Valle del Cauca
an aerial view of many colorful buses parked in a parking lot with people walking around
Chivas en Antioquía
the landscape is very colorful and there are trees in the distance on top of it
41 razones por las que nunca debes ir a Colombia.
Desierto de la Tatacoa
an empty swimming pool in front of a white building with orange trim and arched windows
Colombia's Old World Charm
Piscina de Finca Hostal
a piece of food sitting on top of a wooden container
Bocadillo de Guayaba
a large white and orange house with blue balconies on the porchs, surrounded by lush green trees
Armenia Photos - Featured Images of Armenia, Quindio Department
Finca El Guadual
people are walking down the street in front of colorful buildings
Cool Travel Vibes - A Helpful Guide to Everything Travel
Salento, Colombia