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a drawing of a person standing in front of a large creature with red corals on it's body
We homebrewed a dragon, the Draxolotyl! (free download and statblock in comments) [OC]
a blue and white bird standing next to each other on a gray background with yellow eyes
Griffin, Park Sekwang
an image of a dragon statue in the middle of it's own screen shot
Traptydactl- Smaugust 2021, Josh Sunga
an animal that is standing next to another animal with horns on it's back
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an image of some animals that are in different poses
several different types of animals with wings
an image of alligators and crocodiles in different stages of their life cycle, from the earliest to the present day
an animal like creature with large horns and claws
Giant Turtle, Jungsun Lee
a drawing of an owl with blue eyes
gryphon, brown, white