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an image of a man with his mouth open and the caption says, oh my eyeshi may ever see
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a woman standing in front of a kitchen counter
the young man is looking at his tablet
#friends-lockscreens on Tumblr
a man is in the bathtub with his mouth open
#friends-lockscreens on Tumblr
a man and woman standing in front of a counter top with dishes on the shelves
Bueno, fue una situación inestable durante 10 temporadas completas.
the young man is standing in front of an open door wearing a yellow sweater and black pants
a man holding a smiley face mug in front of his face and smiling at the camera
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a woman with her hands folded and the words oh my god written in front of her
Janice, oh my god illustration
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#friends-lockscreens on Tumblr
two men are standing next to each other with a frying pan in their hands
Photo by @singerswims