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recommended sci-fi *science fiction books for kids in elementary, middle and high school
These projects are called quadramas. These are scenes that students can use to bring their reading to life, no matter what subject they are reading about. This can easily be incorporated to non-fiction/informtional texts.
how to make fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft activity
how to make a nebula jar, sometimes called a Galaxy Jar, fun tutorial and great for kids calming
Herramientas para una clase Flipped
Una manera divertida de practicar la hora
Plickers is SO MUCH MORE than an assessment tool! Read this post to learn some amazing new ways to use Plickers!
Gran reloj libre de la plantilla! Gran para la enseñanza de recuento en 5 segundos, luego pasar a tiempo.
Brain Breaks para cuando los estudiantes estan super cansados.
Telling Time Freebie. Use this throughout the day. When a buzzer goes off, everyone stops and records the time on the classroom clock. Quick, easy practice telling time.